How To Have The Best Bridal Shopping Experience

from the team at Brides of Beecroft

The expert Sydney wedding dress stylists at Brides of Beecroft share their tips for perfect bridal gown shopping experience. 

At Brides of Beecroft, we want you to ‘Marry the one, wearing the one.’

We do everything we can as Sydney wedding dress stylists and your Bridal BFF’s, but finding your perfect wedding gown requires your commitment as well.

Take a look at our insider guide to avoiding stress, FOMO and frustration so you can say “Yes!” to the perfect gown with love, intention and conviction. This is all we want for every bride! 


  1. Learn the lingo

You wouldn’t buy a car, choose a university or even book an evening out at a restaurant without research. Wedding dress shopping comes with its own terminology and rules of thumb. 

First, there is the technical shape of your bridal gown. Ball gowns and fit-to-flare are the more commonly known silhouettes but there are also A-line and sheath wedding dresses. 

You also need to consider your theme. Bohemian lace wedding dresses and vintage glamour gowns are top requests from our Sydney and Hills District brides at the moment. 

You don’t need to have every decision firm in your mind before you visit us but it does help to understand a few things before you come in.

Before your appointment, research the type of gown which will suit your figure, your style and the theme of your big day.  

Use Pinterest and Instagram as part of your research. Once you start saving and pinning, you will automatically see a theme of common elements.

Don’t be shy! We love seeing the pictures that inspire you and we use them as a guide. However, your appointment is when you get a clear picture and see what actually works and doesn’t work according to your vision.

If we had a dollar for every bride who said “This is not the gown I thought I would have chosen”, we’d be arriving at work in chauffeur-driven Teslas 😉

On the flipside, sometimes a bride’s vision is so clear that she says yes to the first dress she tries on. It happens much more than you would think… but that doesn’t mean you can’t try on a couple more gowns… just to be sure!


2. Tweak the timing

Ready to wear wedding dresses take time to create. 

These detailed gowns are ordered from the designer and made according to your size. With hand beading embellishments and cutting, this can take between six and 10 months.

Give yourself time to enjoy the process and not have to stress about rush fees and delivery times that limit your options.

After the wedding venue, your bridal gown is one of the most important elements to confirm well ahead of time. 

When you search for a bridal gown in Sydney, we recommend visiting no more than three bridal shops in a day. It’s fun but trust us it can be exhausting and one white dress soon merges into another. And that’s not to mention the physical work of getting in and out of gowns. Phew! It can be exhausting. 

Before your shopping day, we recommend having a healthy but filling breakfast so you have the stamina to make it through a few big appointments. 


3. Choose your #girlsquad 

Newly engaged? You must be so excited!

It is tempting to gather a huge gang and go shopping but choosing a gown really is a ‘less is more’ kind of event. 

More people means more opinions. At Brides of Beecroft in the Hills District, we create a beautiful environment and experience that encourages you to tap into your heart and intuition. We will guide and support but you are the only person in the world who can say yes to the dress.

“Remember, the ultimate decision is up to you!”

That bubbly feeling in your heart and soul is the only opinion that ultimately matters and needs to be heard but sometimes friends and family can spoil the moment, even if they don’t mean to.

Choose friends, family and loved ones who won’t shop for themselves and who have your interests at heart. If you are easily offended, find a way not to include blunt friends who could upset you with their comments. 


4. Budget is not a dirty word 

Brides of Beecroft takes pride in being an affordable bridal shop for Sydney and Hills District brides.

If you have a price in mind, we will respect it; we won’t trick you into falling in love with something that will hurt your budget. And a more expensive dress doesn’t automatically make it the right choice. 

There is nothing wrong with setting a budget and sticking to it.

According to our Director Alexandra, “One of the biggest regrets of my wedding was spending far too much on a custom gown, only to have it hang in my wardrobe for many years afterwards. I often lament not having chosen some gorgeous fine jewellery that I would then wear weekly and putting more of my budget towards that.”

An off-the-rack gown these days should not cost over $4,000. At Brides of Beecroft in Epping, most of our gowns are around the $2,000 mark.


5. Skip the selfies

The wedding day is the Kodak moment, not the shopping day! Nothing will confuse a bride more than a hundred lack lustre photos of gowns from weird angles. 

Your Bridal BFFs have a method to our appointments. We promise you that you will only come away with a couple or one favourite gown in mind. This is the one you want to remember. But more than the gown, you want to remember the way you felt when you were wearing it.

Don’t take photos until you feel like you are wearing ‘The One’. Even then, remember the picture isn’t complete as you don’t have your hair or makeup done

Generally the favourites are the ones you keep on for longer, and the ones you want to see accessorised so they become etched in your heart. 


6. Keep your heart and mind open

The stylists at Brides of Beecroft have your best interests at heart. We all love our job because it allows us to be caring, empathetic and loving individuals. When you visit us, you will realise we are romantics, fashionistas and psychologists, all in one.

The more you open up to us, the more we can help and support you to find your dream wedding dress.

Keep communication open and honest so we can have the most constructive appointment.

If you don’t like something, we won’t be offended! Tell us why and what needs to improve and change. Sometimes a simple comment can lead us to your dream dress. 

Come ready to find the one, have some fun and create a memorable experience. We can not wait to make you a beautiful bride!


7. Plan ahead

Before your appointment, share directions to Brides of Beecroft with your tribe. We have learned this the hard way! There is nothing worse than friends or family arriving grumpy as the stress of Sydney traffic and parking is REAL.

Our bridal salon is located across from the train station in Epping. You will find parking nearby at Coles.

Leave some wriggle room in your schedule so you don’t arrive late and miss half of your appointment. 

To make sure you don’t arrive late and in a panic, plan to meet early for a coffee. And don’t book your appointment for the day after your engagement party or another big event. You need to feel your best when you step into a wedding down. 

In terms of what to bring, we recommend nude underwear. You do not need to bring shoes. Please keep makeup light so our sample gowns don’t get smudged. 


8. Say I Do!

Set yourself a time frame for shopping. You can literally look forever but you want the Yes decision to be positive and energetic, not one you make because you feel tired and over it.


There is no shortage of absolutely beautiful gowns which will look amazing on you. Let us help you find ‘The One’ with ideas and suggestions. 

Once you have chosen your bridal gown and placed your order, book your dress makers. Most gowns need expert tailoring for hem, bustle and any extra customisations you might require 

We can recommend a dressmaker but any happy brides in your entourage may also be a good source to turn to.

After the ‘Yes’ moment

Now you have said ‘I do’, what do you do?

Keep following Brides of Beecroft on social media. You become our friend when you shop with us and we love sharing your journey down the aisle.

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, have a trusted friend on call who can talk you down or treat yourself to a bath with Epsom salts and lavender. This is so good for the soul and will help you to keep things in perspective. 

Remember in your heart how you felt when you put on that dream gown. Try not to over analyse, over-think and question the dress you have chosen. You chose it because you loved it (just like your future partner!).  

On the day of your wedding, you will glow with radiance from the inside out. Your gown will never be questioned by your guests; they’ll be too busy soaking up your high vibes of love!

If you have any questions about your bridal gown, please don’t hesitate to ask! We love to make life easier for our stunning brides!